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At Quality Scary, we work hard to bring our audience Lansing's funniest, spookiest, and most surprising night out. But it takes a lot of gas to keep this engine goin'! We love to find new and exciting ways to work with other businesses to spread the promotional love around while continually expanding our show into something even greater.

A Spooky Success Story

Sponsorship Opportunities

Whether you're a small business, a national brand, or a nonprofit organization, we've got flexible options to suit your needs. Learn about sponsorship types at the links below.

Still not sure which option best suits your brand? Want to work with us to build something totally new? Reach out.

Small Businesses

At Quality Scary, we love working with other Lansing-area small businesses to explore clientele overlap potential and reap the mutual benefits. In other words, SYNERGY. We’ve created a full set of options for small business sponsorships that focuses on our live show, where you have the greatest potential to reach a local (and captive) audience.

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